We can assist by managing the proposed development pre-construction stage. We are able to liaise with and manage other consultants required to gather the necessary documentation for lodgement. We can lodge and manage your applications with Council and Certifiers through to approval stage, for Development Applications, Construction Certificates or Complying Development Certificates. We have built strong relationships with the following consultants to ensure your project is in good hands.


The best designs start from accurate site information. We recommend and use only the best registered land surveyors. This enables us to maximise your building envelope and position of your home, relative to the natural landform and solar orientation.

Structural Engineers

The foundations of your home need to stand the test of time. We work with highly reputable engineers with the knowledge and expertise in slab design and structural design to provide the highest quality platform for your build.

Hydraulic Engineers

Engineered stormwater designs are not a requirement on all residential projects. Cases where they may be required include knock-down & rebuild developments and infill dual occupancy/multi-dwelling developments, where natural landfall is to the rear of the property with no recognised drainage easement. These designs could include absorption trenches or on-site detention. Our engineers are consulted to propose the best and most practical stormwater drainage option, in accordance with the relevant Council controls.


Owner building is a daunting task. It’s critical to know what’s ahead of you cost wise at every stage. We can connect you with building estimators with vast experience in costing residential developments, providing you with a detailed bill of quantities and material take-off.

Private Certifers

Consulted for Complying Development Certificate applications and Construction Certificate applications. We can connect you with our preferred Certifier or manage the application on your behalf. We work daily with our certifiers ensuring compliance with relevant planning policies are met with your design.


We have developed strong relationships with a range of builders in South-West Sydney, each unique in their target market and renowned building style. We can recommend these builders for you to discuss building your dream home with.

Landscape Architects

Required only for specific developments where mandatory by Council. We work with Landscape Architects who not only listen to your vision for your yard, but also consider practicality, maintenance, plant species specific to your area and compliance with relevant Council controls.